VAC offers flexible, easy-to-use sources of vehicle inventory financing to Independent Used Car Dealers.

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Exceptional Service
for Automobile Dealers

Multiple Floorplan

Fast Credit Approvals
and Funding

Floorplan Fees
as low as $59

VAC Floorplan

Vehicle Acceptance Corporation offers one of the most flexible, easy to use sources of inventory financing on the market. The most successful dealers are really good at buying inventory at the right price- and we are here to help you make great buys!

We offer Same Day Funding on Floorplans!

Vehicle Sourcing

  • National Auctions or one of your local independent auctions
  • Online at sites like Craigslist or eBay Motors
  • Individuals
  • Other dealers
  • Non-Auction purchases are accepted

No Vehicle Limitations

  • Any mileage
  • Any make, model or year, valued $1,000 - $20,000
  • VAC will floorplan passenger vehicles and light trucks

Easy Auction Funding

  1. Fax or e-mail us a copy of the buy ticket
  2. Include the amount to be funded
  3. Include legible VIN number, mileage and color
  4. You or the auction sends the original vehicle title to VAC
  5. We pay whomever you need us to: auctions, individuals, or even you, the dealer! We just need a valid routing and account number

We ACH the money into the account, and it will be cleared for use the next business day!

1Subject to time and processing requirements

Sell the vehicle

Pay off the outstanding Floorplan balance

No catches!

  • Carry the paper in-house, sell to a 3rd party finance company, or sell the vehicle for cash
  • Pay off the outstanding Floorplan balance
  • Easy to use Dealer Portal: http://dealer.vacorp.com
  • Floorplan and fees must be paid off at 90 days
  • Multiple Programs to choose from:
  • No Curtailments; 5% or 10% Curtailment; No Interest
  • Switch between any VAC program in the first 45 days from the bill of sale date with no change fees or paydowns, simply transfer the balance.


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